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A segregated cycle slip-way here could long the southbound cycle lane with the southbound hard shoulder

Quick wins #2 – R730/N25 roundabout.

In the second part of WexBUG’s quick win blog series, we visit the Rosslare Roundabout to see what quick win improvements could be made there. A segregated cycle slip-way here…


Wexford cycle route 3.

Taking a closer look at Route No. 3. If you spend any amount of time cycling in Co. Wexford, you will have come across these ‘Discover Ireland’ cycling route signs.…

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The Michael D’Arcy cycling infrastructure proposal.

Some of you might be familiar with a Facebook post by T.D. Michael D’Arcy following the opening of the new section of the M11 motorway. Co. Wexford T.D., Michael D’Arcy…

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The Barntown Cycle Tracks.

The Barntown cycle tracks are full of promise but lack of connectivity, unnecessarily steep ramps and poorly maintained foliage encroachments result in these not being used in the main. Barntown…