Meet the Committee

We are people from all walks of life striving to make Co. Wexford a better and a safer place for people to cycle. We are members of the Irish cycling advocacy network and the Regional Cycling Network. We are also part of the Co. Wexford public participation network and actively engage with Wexford Co Co and other stake holders in our efforts to to achieve these goals.
We are always delighted to welcome new members from where you can be elected to our committee.

If you wish to get involved – join us here… it’s FREE

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Hospital worker and award winning road safety advocate. Cycle for sport, leisure, commuting and for any reason. Ride leader, cycle right trained cycling instructor, AXA approved bike leader. Passionate about road safety and the delivery of safe cycling infrastructure for all ages and abilities.

VICE CHAIRPERSON – Ciarán Fitzgerald

VICE CHAIRPERSON – Ciarán Fitzgerald Commuting to work, bike touring in other countries and competing in ultra endurance races are some of the many things my bike allows me to do. I want to show people that cycling is a safe and enjoyable way to see the world.

SECRETARY- Ruth O’ Connor

My trusty steed is a Surly Long Haul Trucker, a hefty but seriously reliable tourer that had yet to let me down. It gets me from A to B, whether that’s from home to work, the beach to the pub or from Rosslare to Dubrovnik! My particular area of interest in WexBUG is encouraging more women and girls to hop on their bikes, and advocating for safe, inclusive spaces for this to happen.

TREASURER – Dave Murphy

I’m a manager with Irish Rail and love nothing more than getting out on the bike be it for a race, a sportive, a group spin with my club Rossbury Racing Team or simply looking over ditches on the back roads of Wexford and beyond (when we are allowed again). I’m delighted to be involved with such a positive group as Wexbug and have made some new friends as well.

COMMITTEE – Cllr. Leonard Kelly

Lapsed Cyclist but living in hope of changing this on a regular basis. Actually I will change this, as I will continue to push for meaningful positive change in cycle infrastructure (in my role as a County Councillor and Mayor of Wexford) in Wexford Town and county. And in doing so hopefully encourage lapsed and future cyclists of all ages and abilities to get on their bike.

COMMITTEE – Hazel Reid

Lives in Wexford town, parent and academic tutor. Hopeful about many things, in particular seeing cycling for all ages become a safe and normal way to get about in Ireland. Uses a bike to get around often alone, but when possible with the kids.

COMMITTEE – Kevin Cronin

Trail Cycle Leader and Mountain Leader. Member of Wexford Adventure Trails. Mountain biker, road biker and commuter. Supporter of safe, segregated urban cycling infrastructure and advocate for integrated Greenway development and quality off-road biking.

COMMITTEE – Chris Hayes

Born and raised in Wexford, often rode back saddle on his Mam’s bike while she had another brother on the front carrier. Commuting by bike and segregated road space for cyclists are a must for transforming our county.

COMMITTEE – Cormac Mac Gearailt.

Galway native. Wexford resident. Cycles a lot. Wife and 2 young kids…. I want to make Wexford a place that is safe for them to enjoy some of the childhood freedoms i had.