Ferrycarrig Castle to Blackwater via Enniscorthy Loop.

Sitting amongst the wildflowers at Crossabeg.

(Road Bike Route)

Distance: 58.29k

Elevation: 529m

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Start/Finish: Ferrycarrig Castle  (https://www.google.com/maps/@52.3518683,-6.5107628,18z)


Continue along the N11 and you will reach the setting for the 1998 Tour De France, in the pleasant town of Enniscorthy. 
This route gives us a taste of everything. Starting out on N11 we get some good quality hard shoulder all the way to Enniscorthy, the central town of county Wexford that boats being home to a stage of the Tour de France in 1998.

There are beautiful views of the river Slaney on our lefthand side cycling along heading north. We pass straight through Oylegate and then Skurloughsbush roundabout before reaching Enniscorthy.
At Enniscorthy we cross double bridges.
We initially cross the ‘new’bridge but hang a tight right because as soon as we enter, we leave again using the ‘old’ original bridge of the town.
While the first bridge is flat, the 2nd one has a bit of a hump, you will also be changing lanes on it.
This takes us in the direction of Templeshannon.

Following the R744 and making our way up the short climb we head out of Enniscorthy.
Cycling straight through the roundabout, we need to watch out for our sign for Blackwater and the righthand turn that comes with it.

Staying on the R744 we cycle down through the pleasant countryside roads that take us into and through Ballaghkeen. There is a climb coming up out of Ballaghkeen.
The road eventually takes the junction with the R741 (old coast road to Dublin from Wexford) we cross it with due care and continue on the R744 heading for Blackwater.

We will shortly come upon The Fr. Michael Murphy 1798 monument on the lefthand side. (Pictured below)

1798 monument.

Continue down this pleasant path surrounded by beautiful countryside and very little traffic!
There is a small amount of up and down before we make our way down the hill and into Blackwater which is quaint little village worth a stop and a coffee break.
Blackwater offers seating areas around the village. 
It is very picturesque with plenty of photo opportunities.

Getting back on your bike in the direction of Wexford on the R742, there is a climb, take your time it is a small bit of a drag but the top is so worth it, here you begin to see views out to sea and these continue all the way along until you reach another seaside village of Curracloe.
Home to one of our more popular beaches.

Rapeseed field with a sea view near Curracloe.

You can detour here if you fancy dipping your feet or legs.
Be warned, it can be very busy.

Continuing through Curracloe we head back along the tight and winding road in the direction of Wexford and at Fahy’s cross we make a righthand turn and head up towards Castlebridge, another small village with an old mill.

We cycle up through Castlebridge because we are heading in the direction of Crossabeg, we pass over the river Sow on our way and climb the tight hill up pass Edenvale, a local beauty spot.

Making our way over to Crossabeg we can see views of Wexford harbour and Wexford bridge in the distance on our left.
A stunning sight and a very unspoiled landscape to go with it.

We cycle over through Saunderscourt, a little hilly with some steep camber on back half of it, we still have views over Wexford Harbour on our left. We eventually come back out to the N11.

Taking a left turn we enjoy some good quality hard shoulder with a downhill back to our start point at Ferrycarrig Castle carpark.
We hope you enjoyed this spin and got to see some of our beautiful countryside and sea views.

Refreshments: The village of Oylegate has a local shop. 
Enniscorthy is a busy little town with lots of shops, café’s and restaurants. Blackwater village has a nice coffee shop along with a small supermarket. Castlebridge has a small supermarket. Occasionally there is a mobile coffee station at Crossabeg.

Points of Interest: Enniscorthy – Tour de France Monument & Plaque. Castle Ellis 1798 Monument & Graveyard.   
Curracloe – Site Location for the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’

Hazards: Right hand turn onto N11 at the very start of the cycle. Traffic calming at Oylegate on N11 a National Route. Double lane change on entry to the bridge at Enniscorthy. Another single lane change on the 2nd short humped bridge at Enniscorthy. Right hand turn onto the R741 at Fahy’s cross heading for Castlebridge.

Bike Repair: Should you require Bike repair, Kennys for bikes is located in Enniscorthy, alternatively Wexford town has 3 bike repair shops. The Bike Shop, Halfords and Hayes Cycles.

This route was compiled by Georgina Gaul.
Wexford native with a keen interest in all things that involve fresh air and outdoor activity.
One of these being Cycling!