About WexBUG?

Why Was WexBUG Established?

WexBUG was established to represent the interests of cyclists and to promote cycling as a sustainable form of active transport in County Wexford.

Who do we represent?

WexBUG represents all people who use bicycles to get around, for whatever reason: the commuter, the student, the pupil, the child at play, the shopper, the leisure cyclist, the exerciser, the tourer, the racer, the off-roader, the courier, the gravel biker, the mountain biker, the unicycler. 

Everyone is Welcome

WexBUG includes all the people who cycle to work, to shops, to school, to the library, with children, with mammy or daddy, for fun, for sport. We act for those people who already do this as well as those who don’t but would like to. 

What’s our Objective?

Our objective is to ensure that bicycle users can get around safely, in an enjoyable and stress-free manner, without danger or harassment from others.