Strategic Rail Review DoT consultation submission Dec 3 2021

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WexBUG would like to see the following issues addressed in order to make the rail system more useable and more amenable to multi-modal transport:

Better bike carrying/space on trains.
The current arrangement of 2 max. bikes per train is a very poor offering and means that its completely impractical as an option. It also means anything other that a standard bike will not fit. Mountain bikes, larger bikes, modified bikes, bikes with luggage. E bikes, cargo bikes etc. Bike tourism on trains is not practical in the current arrangement.

Free booking was a good development – but there needs to be more space.

More frequent services. The Wexford Dublin lines is at such an infrequent level that it makes it unusable for business trips to Dublin for example.

More integrated scheduling and ticketing to make multi modal easier.

Bike storage at stations. If bikes cant or don’t need to be brought onto trains then adequate bikes storage at train stations should be developed. This should take multi-forms e.g. bike lockers, external covered bike parking (Sheffield stands, not wheel bender/toaster racks). Greystones DART station is a good example.

Bike repair stations – these should be provided at train stations. They would be very helpful if/when more cycling happens

WexBUG – Wexford Bicycle Users Group