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WexBUG’s mission is to be the pre-eminent voice for community cycling in Wexford.
We are dedicated to the promotion of bike riding as a driving force for individual health & well-being, and the empowerment of sustainable development.
WexBUG is party political agnostic and we are happy to work with councillors and other politicians who share our vision for safe cycling.

Membership is free for all Co. Wexford residents

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Our social media pages are where we post updates of our day to day activities.
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Cycling infrastructure in Wexford – A whistle-stop tour

Co. Wexford is a county not renowned for its abundance of cycling infrastructure. What there is in place is of varying quality. Take a whistle-stop tour of our local blogs here..

Co. Wexford Cycling routes.

I know we at WexBUG are biased but we think Co. Wexford is such a great place to cycle.

With over 250kms of coastline along with a network of 3,704kms of road to cycle on, ours is a county screaming to be explored on two wheels.

We have everything from Mt. Leinster to the north-east, to The Hook and Kilmore Quay in the south, to strangely named places such as Bastardstown, Horetown and of course, Broadway.

We have a vast array of history and topography just waiting for to be explored from that nice slow, stop where you wish, vantage that only a bicycle tour can bring.

We have official council routes such as the Norman Way, the EuroVelo1 section, the Fáilte Ireland hub routes that start from Wexford Town and the 9 stones cycle. We will delve in to them and give you our view on them.

In this section, we want to bring you on some of our favourite routes and we hope it will inspire you to get out there too.

If you’re a cycle tourist, we want to show off our splendid county to you and we hope you find something of interest in this section to dwell a little longer in the Model County.

Many of our roads are excellent to cycle on and are great for a road bike; others are not so good but the pay off can be quiet roads more suitable for a touring bike or a gravel bike. We will add this recommendation to each of our blogs. To help you choose further we will include start location, distance, terrain, pictures, amenities, services and a GPX map that you can upload on to your Garmin etc.

As a snapshot, our county has 4 main towns of Wexford, Gorey, Enniscorthy and New Ross. The great advantage we have here in Co. Wexford is the array of wide hard shoulders that are excellent for cycling alone or in groups.

Starting our from the ring road of Wexford town, you can reach all of the other 3 main towns on such hard shoulders for a stress free cycle.

These are great to get your bearings or if you just want to go on a relatively flat spin suitable for all bicycles. These hard shoulders are mainly on N roads (with few exceptions) and there are 182kms of these in the county; some don’t have such wide hard shoulders though.

R roads are our regional roads – we have 529kms of those in the county; In the main these are fine for a road bike and while you will come across some lumpy sections, these are great for linking up your chosen route.

L roads comprise a massive 2,993kms of the Co. Wexford roads network. Surfaces are a mixed bag but in the main, the more numbers that you see after the L on the road sign, the worse that road is likely to be. Most aren’t great for road bikes but they provide mostly quiet low trafficked, interesting journeys to some of our most interesting places.

Armed with this information, we welcome you to delve into some of our favourite routes.

We hope you find something of interest.

Enjoy professional equipment

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Some of the companies that support cycling for all, safe cycling infrastructure


“What I love about these tours is that the guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real city. This is an I will definitely come back to”

Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“The guide was everything I hoped for, and more. BikeTour really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the beautiful places we stopped for”

Jonas Gerber

Enjoy the bike ride of your life

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